CAS 068: Econ Sessions 4 – Meltdown!

In this episode, Colin takes the easy way out and rips audio from a speech he thinks you might enjoy so that way he doesn’t actually have to write notes and lecture on an actual economic topic. let’s face it, it’s not like he’s going to write a book like Evan did. Anyway, The speech is entitled Meltdown and it was given by Dr. Thomas E. Woods at UC Boulder a few years back. It discusses some of the hidden culprits behind the Great Recession of 2008, and it’s certainly a perspective you aren’t going to hear anywhere else. On top of that, it’s actually well-defended. Email us with your comments, insights, or questions at the email address on the About page, or by hitting us up on Twitter at @Church_andState, @Colin_Aulds, or @EvanCMalone.

You can check out Tom and listen to his lectures at or by listening to Tom on the Tom Woods Show anywhere you listen to podcasts.