For He’s a Trolley Good Fellow

In this episode we discuss #metoo and the trolley problem. How useful is the trolley problem? What’s the deal with apples and oranges, and is Garth Brooks an asshole? We delve deep into the most important questions of our day! Do you know of an interesting puzzle within the English language? Let us know by emailing us at the email address on the About page or by hitting us up on Twitter at @Church_andState, @EvanCMalone, and/or @Colin_Aulds respectively. As always, please direct any and all complaints to our mailing address at:

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CAS 042: Ask Not What Your Pussy Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Pussy

In this Episode, Colin and Evan explore the Ethics of grabbing vaginas. Is Hillary’s #outrage actually making a Trump presidency more likely, to all our chagrin? How many Brazilians does it take to file a sexual harassment lawsuit? No really…there’s no joke…we are wondering. What are the things you never get used to, besides The Donald’s unbreakable habit of claiming to be the best at everything? After all, “No one respects women as much as I do” – Trump. Do you find the desire to fondle strangers too tempting to pass up? Let us know by emailing us at or tweeting us @Church_andState (or Colin and Evan at @Colin_Aulds and @EvanCMalone, respectively).

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