CAS 076: What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Postmodernism? (Solocast)

In this solocast Evan offers out an addendum to our conversation with James Lindsay. In that discussion Evan mentioned that he feared that Postmodernism has become an empty boogeyman label for those on the left who nobody likes. In this episode he offers out an (admittedly biased) account of Postmodernism, and the thinkers and labels that fall under Postmodernism. Is it all as spooky as it’s made out to be? Is it dogmatic? What is it good for? Absolutely… something?! FInd out in this episode! Do you want to offer out a deconstructionist reading of this podcast? Shoot us an email at the email address on the About page, or hit us up on Twitter at @Church_andState, @EvanCMalone, and/or @Colin_Aulds respectively. As always, please direct any and all complaints to our complaint Twitter at: @JordanBPeterson.