CAS 070: En Marche for Science!(?)

In this episode we discuss the recent election in France, the March for Science, our favorite refreshments, and just generally being cheap people. Is Le Pen in for le win? Why don’t libertarians vote Democrat? Do progressives put the pro in protest, and what is the toothpaste industry hiding from us? Find out the answers to these and many other questions in this episode. How much money is worth the social embarrassment of seeming cheap? Let us know what you think at the email address on the About page, or by hitting us up on Twitter at @Church_andState, @Colin_Aulds, and @EvanCMalone respectively. As always, please direct any and all complaints to our mailing address at:

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CAS 045: Bond Villains, Moonies, and “Anti-Muslim Extremists”?

In this episode, we discuss Elon Musk, the SPLC blacklist, and South Korea. ¬†How does a Muslim like Maajid Nawaz end up being cast among the ranks of the KKK and Skinheads? What’s the deal with South Korea’s weird ass relationship between church & state? Also, what the fuck is a hyperloop? Find out the answers to all these questions in this weeks episode! Do you have a strange and totally unreasonable fear?

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