CAS 074: Now that’s a Kapital Idea! (w/ Azure Scapegoat)

In this episode, we sit down with Azure Scapegoat, who runs the website Socialism 101 and hosts a youtube channel where he discusses leftist politics. We talk about the differences between communists, socialists, and other camps on the left, the limits of free speech, accelerationism, and the ethics of capitalism. We also explain to him what life is like in Sweden. Can we all pretend that Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone? Is Trump good for the left? What the hell is cream soda anyway? Find out the answers to all of these and other questions in this episode! Would you like to shout “Fire!” at us? You can do so by emailing us at the email address on the About page, or by hitting us up on Twitter at @Church_andState, @EvanCMalone, and/or @Colin_Aulds respectively. As always, please direct any and all complaints to our mailing address at:

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Azure Scapegoat:
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