The Honest Liars Podcast:
Not just another self-help podcast. Colin Aulds (of Church & State), Adam Talbot, and Gabriel Max-Starner from the blog reveal all of their strategies and experiences for creating deeper relationships through honesty, vulnerability, and rationality. The Honest Liars podcast covers everything you need to know about yourself, love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

Evan Malone:
Did you know that Evan Malone, co-host of Church & State, also communicates through the written form of the English language? This blog tracks these writings. Some essays are on politics and religion, but most focus on more important things, like why soccer is a terrible sport and why the Mayor of Sheboygan won’t return his calls.
A blog hosting a collection of excerpts, quotes, and anecdotes on everything from history to politics to religion from our good friend John Benjamin. Worth checking out every few days to learn a thing or two about interesting people and events both current and historic.

Gabriel Max Starner:
Colin’s co-host over at The Honest Liars Podcast, Gabriel runs this blog showcasing his art, photographs, and films. If you would like to use these images or videos, you can reach Gabriel via his contact page on his site.

The Ex-Muslims of North America:
A foundation and organization designed to bring reason and rationality to the Muslim demographics of North America and to advocate for the minorities seeking to bring about reformation within those muslim communities. You can listen to The Honest Liars interview with the founders Sarah Haider and Muhammad Syed HERE.