The Podcast:
Church & State is a podcast about religion, politics, and where they intersect. Join hosts Colin Aulds & Evan Malone as they discuss political theory and philosophy; interviewing guests, reviewing books, and engaging with contemporary social issues.

Colin Aulds:
Colin is a co-host of The Honest Liars Podcast, which explores issues related to honesty, self-knowledge, and interpersonal relationships. He has a background in economics and is currently working on the book that inspired this podcast, Disintegration of Church and State. He does a fantastic Ira Glass impersonation and is a writer for Weekly Gravy. You can find his writings HERE.

Twitter: @Colin_Aulds

Evan Malone:
Evan is currently a grad-student in philosophy. His research focuses on aesthetics, cognitive science, and the philosophy of language. He is now in the process of editing his book, Hunger: The Case for Genetically Modified Food, and is (slowly) working on a few other book-length projects. He is entirely the result of prior causes… and he made the theme song you hear at the start of each episode. You can find more of his music HERE.

Twitter: @EvanCMalone
Website: http://evancmalone.blogspot.com/
oundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/evanmalone

Senior French Correspondent – @JoeyJoJoJr94
Senior Criminal Justice Correspondent – @EthMarsh

Contact Us:
Email: questions[at]churchandstatepodcast[dot]com
Twitter: @Church_andState

“[These] guys are intellectual midgets. Also, typical annoying atheists.” – Le Pen Supporter on Twitter

“Good god, this is an awful podcast. 50% of it is dead silence. Very bad.” – Random Person on Reddit

“First time listener but now I’m hooked and craving for more… Great podcast.” – Random Masochist on Twitter

“Well they’re not THAT bad.” – Our Biggest Fan

“A panacea for post-truth politics and dogma.” – Senior French Correspondent @JoeyJoJoJr94

“Not enough homoerotic Macron references (1/5 Stars).” – Review on Twitter

“Two infuriating libertarians.” – Potential Fan on Twitter

“This show discusses complex issues that other shows and podcast won’t always go near. The hosts are witty and their contrarian positions are often thought provoking.” – Review on Stitcher

“Hammer & Sickle logo is unscientific.” – Logo Scientist (?) on Twitter